About Me

Photo by  Katie Dukes

Photo by Katie Dukes

In a nutshell


Enthusiastic learner

Enjoy figuring out how to get the best shot

Want to provide amazing pictures



The more in-depth expository

I don’t recall the exact moment or reason I decided to take up photography. I can’t claim a childhood obsession, but I did enjoy photography as an art and as a way to freeze and remember moments in time. My senior project in high school was on photography. I worked at an ice cream store (as a runner, my 17-year-old self felt okay eating ice cream every day), which paid (barely) for all the rolls of film to develop. I remember taking pictures of falling snow and placing my childhood teddy bear in a field of yellow flowers for photos. I shadowed the photographer of the city newspaper. I constantly flipped through my dad’s copy of TIME’s Influential Pictures.

I spent years with simple point-and-shoot cameras, enjoying the pictures from those. I had no strong calling to photography as a career, or even serious thoughts about being an artist, but I did enjoy what I was making. Finally getting my first digital camera was amazing. The immediacy of the pictures and the sudden boom of the number of pictures I could afford to take (no more taking my rolls of film to the drugstore) was thrilling.

My first “big girl” camera (DSLR) was in my mid 20s. Again, the horizons spread, and I was enamored with the new possibilities. I joined local photography groups, went on photography trips, took photography classes, and spent hours just browsing beautiful pictures and learning how they were made.

I spent years with landscapes and animals. I’m not a particularly social person, so portraits never really occurred to me as a genre to explore. Then, one year I started to appreciate the ability to look at a person through a shutter and capture a beautiful image. I love sharing these pictures with my clients, and saying, “See how great you look!” It makes me so happy to take all that I’ve learned and turn it into a pretty/moody/revealing/breathtaking picture of a person.

I am quick to see beauty in people, and I love sharing this, but I would not call myself a romantic. I’m such a practical person that my friends sometimes tease me about it. This follows into my manners as a portrait photographer. I will show absolute glee at how awesome you look, but rest assured that I won’t try to make the entire session into a poetic starry-eyed ordeal. I’m not there to be mushy, or to ask you get sappy. I’m there to make you look great, and to capture that in digital film.

As I get better at my craft, I’m still amazed at how much there is to learn in photography! It’s a never-ending process of improvement. I’m always on the lookout for more knowledge and partnership.

Whether you want to hire a photographer, have questions about my services, or like chatting about photography, please contact me! I look forward to hearing from you!