What to Expect


In Your Portrait Session…

We’re going to meet at some location; we’ll chat a tiny bit; I’ll start taking pictures. I’ll take care of finding the great shots and getting you in them. For a normal portrait session, we’ll have fun like this for about an hour.

You won't need to worry if you should be doing something specific. I want to take pictures of you just as you are in your relaxed state. I will guide you when I need to.

I won't ever ask for an expression by saying something like “look like you're in love.” I’ll get you to look serious, or to laugh, or to relax, in less forced ways.

I have been known to climb ledges, lay down in the dirt, whatever I need to get the picture. One client told me she felt like we were on safari as I was taking pictures of her. She loved it.

It will be relaxed and we will have fun!